Early night

I can sleep in until 5:30 AM tomorrow because I don’t have my workout until tomorrow afternoon. But rather than waste my evening away watching TV, I decided to get to bed early, and read while I finish up some laundry.

I got a rare email from Rich today. He was congratulating me on selling a story to INTERGALACTIC MEDICINE SHOW. He sounds like he and Tricia and the kids are doing well. He reports to officer’s training in the Air Force at about the same time I head off on my summer vacation. I’ve got to call him soon so that we can catch up.

Lots of mail today, T-Mobile bill, stuff from the Oriole’s reminding me that Fan Fest is on April 1 (April Fool’s day), and a “thank you” from Comcast for being a customer. It came suspiciously on the heels of a notice that they would be raising their rates soon. According to the note, they know I have a choice in providers and they thanked me for choosing Comcast. Okay.

Another busy day tomorrow. I’m doing what I can to avoid having to work this weekend. Don’t know whether I’ve been successful along those lines yet.

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