This evening I took a break from everything to watch Parenthood. I hadn’t seen the movie in a long time and TiVo recorded it sometime last week. I forgot what a good movie it was, and I completely forgot about the ending. It was kind of like I’d never seen it before and it was great.

I did some work on the final draft of “4005 B.C.” which I now think I am renaming “The Folly of Man” once it’s in final form. Another evening or two and it should be done and all set to be sent out to F&SF.

I have a little more laundry to do this evening, but I’m wrapping up and cleaning up the kitchen, tying up loose ends. There are a few bills to pay, one of which I took care of this afternoon. I still need to pay the gas bill. I should probably just automate all of these bill payments, but I can’t quite let go of the control I feel when I pay them myself. In the end, though, a computer is less forgetful than me so I really don’t have an excuse.

No idea what my day is like at work tomorrow. I can’t remember what is on my calendar and there was no way I was going to log in and look it up over the weekend.

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