Things it’s not cool to do in public restrooms

I may have mentioned this before to some of you, but I was reminded of these once again today:

  • Regardless of what you might think, grunting of any kind is not cool in a public restroom. That kind of thing goes over well in a Jim Carrey movie but is simply disturbing in the real world.
  • It’s also not cool to answer your phone, either standing at the urinal or in one of the stalls. I mean, if you are really that busy than what are you doing in the bathroom in the first place
  • Just because no one can see who you are doesn’t mean you shouldn’t wash your hands. I’ve got to touch that door handle after you!

I imagine other people have similar lists.

You’d think people would know these things. Maybe the President needs to give a speech in support of better public restroom etiquette. (Cue for President-in-bathroom jokes.) That would get their attention!

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