Top 10 albums for writing code

Today is a code-writing day at work. There is also construction going on outside the building and there is intermittent bone-jarring noise that has already developed into a headache. Headaches are rare for me so you get the idea. I was about to put on my iPod to block out the sound when it occurred to me that I have been meaning to post what are, for me, the top 10 albums for writing code. Keep in mind that I personally feel more productive when I listening to these albums while casting out spells of C# or Transact-SQL or PHP or Perl. The downside is that I am so focused, I usually don’t hear the songs. The list is alphabetcial by album title.

  1. All Ages — Bad Religion
  2. Animals — Pink Floyd
  3. Blizzard of Ozz — Ozzy Osbourne
  4. Boingo — Oingo Boingo
  5. Garage, Inc. — Metallica
  6. Hysteria — Def Leppard
  7. Kill ‘Em All — Metallica
  8. Slippery When Wet — Bon Jovi
  9. Social Distortion — Social Distortion
  10. Wish You Were Here — Pink Floyd

I’m going through the list of albums now, beginning with All Ages. I’ll see how far I get by the end of the day.

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