The problem with writing novellas…

…is that there aren’t a whole lot of places that you can submit them. I’ve sent my novella, “Graveyard Shift” to the Big Three, ASIMOV’S, ANALOG, and F&SF and received rejections from each. And now I am at a loss for where to send it next. The usual suspects don’t take longer stories. For instance, I would normally try STRANGE HORIZONS next but they don’t take anything over 9,000 words. (“Graveyard Shift” is more than twice that long.) In fact, most of the remaining major markets won’t take longer stuff, at least submitted through the slush piles.

So now I have this 102 page manuscript printed, and all dressed up, but no where to go.

I’ve never submitted anything to Baen’s Universe before because I have never read it before. However, it does appear to be the one remaining major market that does accept novellas. So maybe I will submit it there next. Of course, they only accept electronic submissions, so the printed manuscript is still sitting there…

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