Post happy hour(s)

So it is 10 PM and I am sitting in my office at work, having enjoyed several happy hours with work friends (and a few drinks, too). I am waiting until I feel a bit more sober than I do at the moment, in order to catch a train home. I’m planning on leaving in a few minute and I’ll see how I feel when I get back to my Metro station as to whether I am able to drive home safely or whether I should take a taxi. At the moment, I am on the border; I could probably drive home safely, but it might be safe to allow a little more time to pass. Since it’s 10 PM at the moment, I won’t get up to my metro stop for another 40-50 minutes or so at this time of night, and by then, I will probably be fine. But if not, I will leave me car at the metro station and take a taxi home

In any event, I did have a good time tonight and it’s about time that I started heading home.

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