Feeling better

I am feeling somewhat better than I did in the middle of the night, although I am still home and taking it easy today. I suspect that this is somewhat stress-related. I have gotten very good at minimizing my work-related stress by keeping reasonable work hours (7 AM – 4 PM) and sticking to them. The workouts help too. But there is a lot going on at work and I am juggling more than I am used to and so the stress levels have started to creep up. I suppose I just need to take a deep breath and not worry about it so much. Easier said than done.

I was hungry when I finally got out of bed this morning (well after 9 AM) and I treated myself to a big breakfast at IHOP. I watched last night’s episode of House, which TiVo dutifully recorded for me as part of my season pass. I’ll probably get some reading done today, and maybe even some writing later on in the day. I have a number of errands that I could catch up on as well, but I’ll see how I feel. Mostly, I plan on taking it easy.

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