I’ll probably celebrate my big news Friday after work with some friends. But tonight, I am having a mini-celebration. I am forgoing my “no carbs at dinner” rule, and ordering a pizza and some cheese bread from Pizza Hut (Norm will be happy). I’m not a big pizza fan, and only like having it once in a rare while, but what the heck, throw caution to the wind! (Also, I don’t feel like going out and getting chicken from Boston Market.) I am going to relax and watch TiVo’d episodes of Heroes, Studio 60, and Battlestar Galactica.

When I got home from work, I found in my mail the April 2007 issue of ANALOG, which contains mabfan‘s story (co-written with Robert Greenberger) “Things That Aren’t”. So I know what I will be reading in the next day or two. The rest of the mail was junk.

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