I managed to find enough time this morning to complete the last of my major errands I had to run:

  • I bought some new running shoes. They are New Balance running shoes, like my old ones, but they don’t smell funny. My old shoes started to smell weird and I think it was something about the shoe and not me because the three other pair of shoes that I have do not smell weird. In any event, I couldn’t stand it anymore so I bought new shoes and got rid of the old ones.
  • I picked up the three remaining gifts I needed for Norm and Vicky. One of the gifts I had already got and it is waiting for me in New York. These other three I could wait on and I picked them up today. Norm and Vicky’s wedding shower is tomorrow and if they are reading this, they still have a little over 24 hours before they find out what all of these things are.

Now I have a meeting to attend and then I’m out of here until Tuesday.

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