Workout #32 (Arms & shoulders w/Bernard)

Up at 4:30 AM and into the gym by 5:55. I did my warm up and then Bernard and I got started on an arms & shoulders workout.

Group 1                1st Set      2nd Set      3rd Set
-------                -------      -------      -------
Seated shoulder press  12/25LR      10/25LR      10/25LR
Lateral raises         12/10LR      10/10LR      10/10LR
Crunches                    30           30           30

Group 2                1st Set      2nd Set      3rd Set
-------                -------      -------      -------
Reverse fly            12/10LR      12/10LR      10/10LR
Forward raises         12/10LR      12/10LR      12/10LR

Group 3                1st Set      2nd Set      3rd Set
-------                -------      -------      -------
Pulldown                 12/30        12/30        12/30
Bicep curl               15/30        12/40        12/40
Jumping jacks               30           40           40

Group 4                1st Set      2nd Set      3rd Set
-------                -------      -------      -------
Bosu crunches             30LR         30LR         30LR

Even though the weights were low, this was still a tough workout because we did everything close together and at a fast pace so muscle fatigue set in pretty quickly. I was surprised on the shoulder press that my right side felt weaker than my left; usually it is the other way around. I’m doing arm and shoulder workouts once a week, like everything else, but I think maybe I’m mixing in a little too much chest and back with these workouts and not focusing enough on arms and shoulders. This was a good arm/shoulder workout and I’ll use this as a reference in the future, making sure to mix in more of these kinds of things.

Cardio tomorrow morning. My next workout with Bernard is next Thursday afternoon.