Rejection and revisions

I got out of the office later than I wanted to this evening and finished up “Sanctuary” on the train ride home. It’s a great story and I’d recommend it to anyone who is a science fiction fan, and anyone is a fan of good storytelling.

When I arrived home, I had several pieces of mail, including the easily identifiable (to a writer) self-addressed stamped envelope, which in my experience usually holds a rejection slip. It did have a rejection slip for my novella, “Graveyard Shift”. It was a form-letter rejection, which was disappointing since my last rejection from ASIMOV’S was a personal letter from Sheila Williams. It also marks the longest ASIMOV’S has ever taken to respond to a story of mine: 123 days, or roughly 1/3 of a year. Then again, at 20,000 words, this is the longest story I’ve ever submitted to ASIMOV’S. The story is going to ANALOG on Saturday. Since I will be in New York, I am tempted to take the manuscript into ANALOG’S offices (the way that Isaac Asimov did nearly 70 years ago), but I won’t. At least I know that it should get to the ANALOG pretty quickly.

At this point, I have two things “out”: my science fiction poem “Schrodinger’s Intersection” has been at ASIMOV’S for 33 days now. And I am working on revisions to “When I Kissed the Learned Astronomer” at the request of the editor of INTERGALACTIC MEDICINE SHOW. Actually, the revisions are complete and I reread the story today and I think that the revisions improve the clarity of the story. I have a few minor tweaks to make, and then I’ll send it back to the editor tomorrow, as promised.

Laundry is underway. I have lots of chores to do, but I have a little more time than I thought. I’m leaving work at about noon tomorrow. I thought my flight was at 4:30 and I was going to come home, do a few things, and then head to the airport. But it turns out my flight isn’t until 5:30. I don’t have to rush as much.

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