‘Tis the season to get mail

This last week or so I’ve been flooded with more “real” mail than I normally get. Yesterday was no different. I received two packages yesterday. One was a gift from Bonnie & Tom: a biography of Charles Lindbergh that they found in a used bookstore. The other one surprised me because I completely forgot about it:

More than I month ago, I donated some money to Comic Relief 2006 which was held to raise money for Katrina victims. I donated enough to warrant receiving both a Comic Relief 2006 sweatshirt and T-shirt. And I completely forgot about it. Normally, you get a “thank you” letter or email, but I never got anything to remind me that I had even done this–until yesterday. The second package contained my sweatshirt and t-shirt.

There was also a very nice “Christmas” letter from Tricia’s mom. And, suspiciously, no bills.

Speaking of which, I got paid a day early this week (today!) because of the holidays this week and next week. This marks my last paycheck of 2006 and so I can start to prepare all my paperwork for the accountant and get that out of the way. I won’t get my W-2’s until January, but at least I can get everything else together.

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