Lazy Sunday morning

Sunday is my “free” day as part of this new plan of mine. I don’t have to workout, I don’t have to stick to my 5-meals/day. I don’t have to do anything I don’t want to. I can have a lazy Sunday morning and that is perfectly fine. So it was that I slept in until about 9 AM and that was about the laziest part of my morning. After I got up, I ran out to do the grocery shopping for the week, stocking up on what I needed to get me through 30 meals for the week. When I got back home I did some house cleaning. I cleaned out the fridge, the cupboards, got rid of a ton and a half of trash, started some laundry, did some dusting and Windexing, and vacuuming up a few rooms.

For the 30 minutes remaining on this Sunday morning, I think I can finally be lazy. I’m thinking about treating myself to a nice lunch today, but I haven’t decided where I’d like to go. I’ve got a craving for In ‘n’ Out, but 2288 United miles seems excessive, even for something as good as a Double-Double.

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