Different schedule this week

The first week of this plan went smoothly, but this coming week’s schedule is going to be a little different because I’ve got a number of things to do in the evenings this week. Normally, I’d do my cardio workouts MWF at 4 PM and my strength training workouts T/Th (6 AM) and Saturday at about 9 AM. Because of these events, my workout schedule for this week looks as follows:

  • Monday: 6 AM – Cardio (I’ve got a meeting until 5:30 PM Monday afternoon)
  • Tuesday: 4 PM – Strength (I’ve got an appointment with Bernard)
  • Wednesday: 6 AM – Cardio (I’ve got the Comcast appointment in the evening between 5-8 PM)
  • Thursday: 6 AM – Strength (something is happening Thursday evening, but I can’t remember what)
  • Friday: 6 AM – Cardio (work holiday party Friday evening)

So most of my workouts will be at 6 AM, which means I need to try and be in bed by 8:30 PM. It’s 7:15 right now and I’m writing this in bed. I’m going to veg for a while (watch some TV), but I should be getting to sleep around 8:30 tonight. So far, so good.

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