Forthcoming books

For s.f. readers, you probably enjoy skimming through Locus’s list of forthcoming books. The latest issue has the list through September 2007, and while it is far from complete, I enjoy skimming the list because I like looking for authors whose books I enjoy reading. Here are some from the list that I am particularly looking forward to:

  • Barry Malzberg: Breakfast in the Ruins (April 2007). This looks as though it is a kinds of sequel to Malzberg’s awesome The Engines of the Night commentary on science fiction. I am a very big Barry Malzberg fan. I own something like 35 of his books.
  • Robert J. Sawyer: Rollback (April 2007). This is the full novel version of the serial that recently appeared in ANALOG.
  • Ray Bradbury: Now and Forever: Somewhere a Band is Playing & Leviathan ’99 (July 2007). Not sure what this is, but I’ll buy and read anything with Ray Bradbury’s name on it.
  • William Gibson: Spook Country (August 2007). Gibson’s novels are few and far between, but I really like them.
  • Joe Haldeman: The Accidental Time Machine (August 2007). I’ve enjoyed every Haldeman book that I’ve read. I look forward to August each year because over the last several years, Joe has released a new book each August.

In addition to these books, it might be nice to see a short story collection by mabfan or the novelized version of shunn‘s “Inclination”.

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