I forgot to pack my lunch today (read: I was too lazy) and so at noon I found myself with nothing to eat, and with no desire to head down into the mall and stand in lines to pay lots of money for bad mall food. Fortunately, a coworker, who sits outside my office, told me about a secret stash of food left over from a conference. With the aid of my stomach enzymes, I located the stash. There were sandwiches and salads, but what stood out most to me was the pasta salad. I heaped a large pile of it on my plate, and then headed back to my office, closed my door, and proceeded to catch up on a weeks worth of The Dilbert Blog, which as it turns out, was even more funny than usual.

I was hoping to squeeze in one productivity podcast, but I’ve got 13 minutes before I need to be in the first of three meetings I have this afternoon. At least I will be energized for the meeting. After that heaping plate of pasta salad, I feel as though I could run a marathon, which is good, since after a one hour meeting in this place, I’m often left feeling as though I have run a marathon.

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