At the polls…a decade ago

Midterm elections are just around the corner. And that means that ten years ago was a presidential election, the second one in which I ever voted and the first time I went to the actual polls to vote, rather than vote by absentee ballot. According to my diary entry for November 5, 1996:

I voted tonight–my first time voting at the polls rather than by absentee ballot. On the big choices, my votes were:

President: Bill Clinton
Representative, 25th District: Diane Trautman
Senator 19th District: John Birke
State Assembly: Jon Lauritzen
DA for Los Angeles: Gil Garcetti
Prop 204 (Clean water): YES
Prop 207 (Lawyers fees): YES
Prop 208 (Spending limits): YES
Prop 209 (Anti affirmative action): NO
Prop 211 (Securities fraud): NO
Prop 212 (Campaign contributions): YES
Prop 215 (Medical use of marijuana):

Ten years later, I probably would have voted the same knowing then what I know now. What’s interesting is that I didn’t record my vote for the marijuana issue. I honestly don’t recall how I voted. It is equally likely then that I voted either way. I simply can’t remember and it’s too bad I didn’t write it down. I did say the following, however, “It felt good to cast my vote. It made me feel important, it made me feel as though I really do have a say.”

More on voting Tuesday evening.

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