Workout #36 (lower body w/Bernard)

This was a good workout and except for some harder stuff toward the end, I’ve gotten to feel as though I’ve passed a milestone and hit my stride. My eating is getting better and more consistent (far from perfect, but better). And I’m feeling good during the workouts.

Exercise group 1

  • Leg press. 3 sets @ 22.6 kg 1 leg at a time. 12/12/12
  • Power crunch 2000. 3 sets @ 11.3 kg. 20/25/25
  • Jumping jacks. 3 sets. 30/40/40

Exercise group 2

  • Free-standing squats. Unlike the Smith-machine which hold the bar in place, freestanding squats require balance so that the bar doesn’t tip you over. 3 sets (@ 20, 30, 30 kg.). 12/12/12

Exercise group 3

  • Quad press. You’re seated with your feet on a platform and your shoulders against these pads. Then you release the bars and squat and then extend. It’s pretty darn tought. 3 sets @22.6 kg. 12/12/12
  • Abdominal crunches. 3 sets. 25/30/30.

Exercise group 4

  • Calf curls. 3 sets @ 22.6 kg. 12/12/15
  • Jumping jacks. 3 sets. 40/40/40

Exercise group 5

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