mental_floss and bluish hues

Ever since I subscribed to mental_floss magazine last month, I’ve been anxiously awaiting my first copy. But I haven’t received anything, even though my account status indicates that I should have. So this morning, I reported the problem and shortly thereafter, got a response from one of their people saying that the Nov-Dec 2006 issue was just sent out, but that I should have gotten the Sep-Oct issue already. I haven’t and I let her know. She was very helpful and said she’d sent another one out right away. This evening, when I arrived home, the Nov-Dec 2006 issue was here waiting for me. Skimming it’s contents and looking at it’s format, I know it’s going to be a magazine I’m going to enjoy. For one thing, there is a regular column by Ken Jennings. This month also has a feature on Gary Larson, creator of The Far Side. I can’t wait to dig in!

In a classic example of You Should Know Better Than That, I threw in some white sox with my gym shorts and shirt when I washed them last night. I never do this and always wash whites separately, but this time, I figured I’d save some time and kill two birds with one stone. The socks came out of the washing machine with a slight bluish hue to them–the same bluish hue that, I imagine, is supposed to be caused by taking Viagra. Now I’ve got to wash them all over again, by themselves, with bleach in order get things back to normal. This is why I don’t believe in shortcuts.

I wasn’t able to get much reading done today. I’m through 346 pages of Lunar Prospector and I’m totally into it. It’s just that I had a busy day today and I didn’t get home this evening until just before 8 PM (just in time to see Smallville, which was great). But now I’m going to shower and head off to bed, and I should have a few spare minutes to read before dozing off.

The question is what do I read: Lunar Prospector or mental_floss?

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