What do you think happens to your soul when you die?

I noticed that Yahoo!Answers has a question out there proposed by New Age guru Deepak Chopra: What do you think happens to your soul when you die?. At the time that I saw the question, some 3,500 answers had been posted. Here are some samples:

It is reincarnated into another animal, like a snail, rat, monkey, cow, or goat.

If your a christian it goes to Heaven! If your not then it goes to a not so happy place!

The Bible is very clear on the subject, It states that when the body dies it goes back to its original form dust. And your soul returns back to the creator, God. End of story…………………….

Well, if you are saved your soul will go to Heaven to be with the Lord. If you are lost then your soul will go to Hell until the final judgement day.

you change into a different level of energy and the soul goes like a baloon into the universe finding similar baloons out there and joining them

If you believe in God are saved and go to Heaven. If you dont then you dont

I don’t believe in souls.I think we have one life to live, and when we die it is just like a candle going out. *POOF*

These were some of the more mild answers from people whose soul’s haunt the Interweb. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. I’m just saying…

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