I’ll take cheeseburgers for $1.29, Alex

At the McDonalds in the mall above which my office building rests, I noticed an interesting quirk on their menu. Cheeseburgers cost $1.29. But on their “Dollar” menu, a double cheeseburger costs $1. While standing in line, I thought to myself that really, this is only slightly insane. What would be truly insane is if someone actually ordered a cheeseburger. I started to wonder if they sold any cheeseburgers anymore with such a gaping loophole in their menu and was about to do some mental calculation, when I heard the woman in line behind me place her order:

“I’d like a cheeseburger, small fries, and a small Coke.”

At that moment I decided McDonalds was performing a social experiment to see how many people actually read the menu.

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