Gray’s Anatomy

It’s all Denisse’s fault.

Friday night, at dinner, she asked if I watched the show, Gray’s Anatomy, and I carefully explained that I didn’t watch the show because I didn’t have time. In fact, I explained that, aside from baseball, there are only three shows on TV that I watch.

For some reason, people don’t believe me when I tell them this. I have told the same people, again and again, that I only watch 3 shows on TV. I have explained why I only watch 3 shows, and yet those same people will ask me, every now and then, “Do you watch ______?” Do they think I am lying about this?

She told me that I just had to watch Gray’s Anatomy, that it was such a good show! I explained that I really didn’t have time to watch it during the week, that watching it would mean trading an hour’s worth of reading or writing time to watch the show and that I wasn’t likely to do that. But she insisted it was a great show. I thought I recalled seeing it on the Apple Music store, and so this weekend, I decided to download the pilot episode to see what the hype was all about.

Well, it turns out there are only 9 episodes in the first season, and it was only $15 to download all 9 episodes, so on Saturday, I did this. And Saturday afternoon, instead of finishing up The Demon-Haunted World, I watched the first 7 episodes of Gray’s Anatomy.

After getting back from the ball game this evening, I stopped at Target to buy Gray’s Anatomy: Season Two, and then went home. I watched the last two episodes of season one, and then proceeded to watch the first four episodes of season two. This is why I don’t watch too many shows on TV. You get sucked in and nothing else gets done! It becomes one big waste of time!

Actually, the show is not all that bad. I still won’t watch it during the week. I simply don’t have the time, and the show isn’t strong enough, from a writing standpoint, for me to dedicate the time. But I’ve enjoyed what I have seen on DVD. As far as “medical” dramas go, I have to say that House is by far the best thing going now–especially the writing. But Gray’s Anatomy is entertaining, nonetheless.

1. House
2. Smallville
3. Battlestar Galactica

I watched Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip last week and I enjoyed it, but it is simply on too late for me to watch.

Yes, I know I could get TiVO. But I don’t have a home phone and TiVO requires a phone line and I’m too lazy besides to worry about it.

So I managed to spend almost 9 hours this weekend watching Gray’s Anatomy when I could have been finishing up my book, starting a new book, and taking care of my lengthening to-do list. Thanks a lot, Denisse!

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