Invisible man on first!

So I’m sitting here, innocently reading, when suddenly, I had a kind of daydream about when I was a kid and we’d play baseball or whiffle ball in nearby fields. We never had enough people to field 9 players on each time. Often the teams were 2 or 3 players each. But, inventive as kids are, we played with “invisible” players. I’m sure this isn’t unique, but what amazed me was that I completely forgot about this facet of our games until just this moment–a quarter of a century lapse in memory.

You’d get a base hit, touch first base, and then head back home, to bat again shortly. In the meantime, before each pitch, one team or the other would call out: “One out, invisible man on first!” or “Two outs, invisible man on first and third.” It was awesome!

I can’t believe I forgot about that!

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