Thank god for baseball!

I got a good night’s sleep last night, after a long day yesterday. After breakfast this morning, Mom and I went for a walk around Buddy Attick lake in Greenbelt. We then headed up to Baltimore for the Yankees game. The weather was perfect today, with great breeze blowing in off the harbor. And of course, the game was great too with the Yankees winning 9-4. After the game, we headed to the inner harbor and ended up at McCormick and Schmick’s for dinner. I had their Sockeye Salmon and it was outstanding (still, not quite as good as Copper River salmon, but close).

In Baltimore, I parked at the Sheraton Inner Harbor, which is where I usually park if I am going to the Inner Harbor after the game. It’s about halfway between Camden Yards and the inner harbor. About 1 block from the stadium, we passed a small church with a sign out front that read: “The Yankees are coming. God bless us all!” I thought that was amusing. After the game, we passed the church again as we headed toward the harbor, and we noticed that the sign had changed. It had been altered by one word. It now read:

The Yankees are going. God bless us all.

You’ve got to love a church that (a) has a sense of humor; and (b) can figure out a way to mention the Yankees on their sign only a block a way from Camden Yards (the sign never mentioned the Orioles).

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