Workout #22 (lower body, abridged)

I got into the gym a few minutes before 6 AM to find out that Bernard had called and said he was going to be late. He instructed me to get started on my workout. Today was lower body, so that’s what I planned on doing. Bernard was going to check my body fat today so I had one of the other staff do it and today it was 11.9%, which, if I recall correctly, is higher than when it was first taken. I warmed up and started my workout a little late because I had been waiting for Bernard before they told me he had called.

Exercise group 1

  • Leg press. 3 sets, 1st set @ 90 lbs, last two sets at 110 lbs. 12/12/12.
  • Stationary lunges. 3 sets with 25 lbs in each hand. 12/12/12 in each leg.
  • Jumping jacks. 3 sets. 40/40/40

Exercise group 2