A day in the life: 9 – 11 AM

After posting my update, I debate in my head whether I should include the joke Karen told me in the post. I included it originally but ultimately decide to remove the joke not because it was not funny, but because I’m not sure Karen would want me attributing that joke to her.

I hear from Lisa in IM and chat with her briefly. Then it’s back to data configuration.

I’m moving along well and finish up the data configuration. I start to test and immediately run into some problems, which take me several minutes to troubleshoot. In the meantime, the clock is ticking and I am beginning to feel the pressure. The class is only a few hours away and I need to have this and the documentation done in time for the class. I decide to punt on the documentation; I will complete it later and send it out to people on Monday. Instead I focus on making sure I have what I need for the training today.

I finally get things sorted out and note two more minor bugs. I have about 45 minutes to correct them if I want to have some time for lunch. I decide to take a breath and update the blog, and then come back and do the fixes.

But the pressure is on!