I have caught up on blog reading!

I picked up Zeke from the vet as soon as I got home–and he is happy to be back. He’s patrolling the house to make sure everything is still in order.

Once home, I forced myself to put down The Executioner’s Song long enough to get caught up on blog reading. I got through the entire backlog of three days worth of friends journals and RSS feeds. I saw that shunn was on Hour of the Wolf a few days ago and I haven’t had a chance to listen to that interview yet, but I will this evening at some point.

The plan for the evening is pretty simple:

1. Read more of The Executioner’s Song (which is difficult to put down).

2. Proof read more of “Graveyard Shift”. My goal is to get it in the mail early Saturday.

3. Watch as much of the Yankee game as I can manage.

Bernard called me yesterday and had to reschedule my workout session tomorrow morning, which is okay by me, since I could use an extra hour of sleep. I’ll head to the gym after work tomorrow, however. I still have a session scheduled with him on Thursday.

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