Hey Trevor!

I was browsing the Apple Music Store a few minutes ago and saw that Bob Dylan had a new album, Modern Time available for pre-order. You can also get dibs on tickets for his upcoming tour.

Trevor, who is the husband of thepopeswife is a big Bob Dylan fan, and although I used to tease him about it relentlessly, I really have no idea what I’m talking about when it comes to Bob Dylan. But then so it seems neither does Bob Dylan.

I also used to tease Trevor about his home state of North Dakota. I would frequently point out that the entire population of his home town could attend a Yankee game at Yankee Stadium and just barely fill it up.

Incidentally, for those who don’t know Trevor, he is Good People. I took his name in vain in my story, “Graveyard Shift”, where he makes a brief cameo appearance as a five year-old boy who teases the daughter of one of the main characters. Of course, in real life, Trevor would never do anything like this.

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