Workout #10

At 4 PM, I headed up to the local Bally’s to do some cardio before Dad gets here. I did 40 minutes on the elliptical, and it felt really good. In fact, I am beginning to notice a difference, not directly, but indirectly. My target heart rate for cardio is 149. When I started this a few weeks ago, I’d have to do about 60 RPM on the elliptical to maintain a 149 heart rate. Today, I noticed that I had to do closer to 65 or 70 RPM to maintain that same 149 heart rate. I think that means I’m improving!

I came home after the 40 minute workout and did weights at the house. I did one exercise group at follows:

  • Bicep curls. (12/12/12). I still couldn’t go more than 8 with the left arm, but I did all 12 with the right. I was using 15 lbs weights, however.
  • Abdominal crunches. (20/25/25)
  • Tricep lifts, where you hold the weights in front of you, and then life your arms forward. I used 10 lbs weights and did 12/12/12.

I’m off to the shower and then I’m going to actally relax for a little while before Dad gets here and read more of Robert Sawyer’s “Rollback”. I’m through the first two chapters and, so far, really enjoying it.