FOLLOWUP: New York City on $2/day

Following up on yesterday’s post, I counted all of the change in my desk drawer this morning, and instead of being twice what I had it was home, when I eliminated all of the pennies, it was about half of what I had at home. But that’s still not bad. Here’s the breakdown:

Quarters $26.00
Dimes $17.00
Nickels $9.00
Total $52.00

With the $117 from home, that brings the grand total to $169.00. I’m a little disappointed because I thought it might be more, but there were a lot more pennies than I realized, and I wasn’t going to count them. Even so, $169 is plenty for a good meal and some drinks.

Also, it is a great relief to finally be rid of all of this change. My desk drawer here at work looks so empty now. I guess I’ll have to start filling it up again for next year.

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