Ad-man to the rescue

How often does this happen:

I was sitting at work, minding my own business, when someone sent a question to one of our aliases, asking if anyone knew about a commerical where a bunch of people are in a boardroom, saying, “We’ve got to be more nimble. How would so-and-so do it?” They knew nothing of the commercial other than that. But one of our clients wanted to use it as an example to illustrate a point in a study.

Well! My brother-in-law is a copywriter. So I called Jason and asked him about it. He didn’t know offhand, but he was able to point me to a resource where I could search and find it. Search I did and after a few failed attempts, I found it.

The commercial is for Visa. The title of the commerical is: Business Inspiration.

So through, luck and circumstance, and thanks in big part to Jason, I was able to provide the answer to the question.

Thanks, Jason!

Published by Jamie Todd Rubin

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