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Well, I’ve done it. After 4 years of not belonging to a gym and 4 years of no regular workouts, I am once again a member of Bally’s Total Fitness. There is a great Bally’s gym right here where I work, and another brand new one at the Metro station by my house so I as far as location, it’s very convenient. Also, after a little negotiation, I think I worked out a pretty good deal.

In addition, I now also have a personal trainer. I asked for the best trainer they had and the guy that was recommended, Bernard, seems great, so I’m scheduled to meet with him bright and early Thursday morning at 6 AM. The initial meeting will be an intro workout combined with a goals meeting, expectations, etc. Initially, I’ll be meeting with him 1-2 times per week, and then eventually once per week. But he’s going to help plan all of the workouts, nutrition menus, etc. along the way. (I know nothing about any of this stuff so it’s a big help to me.)

I’ll be alternating my meetings with Bernard, some days at 6 AM, other days at 4 PM. But on days that I workout by myself, it will always be 4 PM.

Keep it right here for all of the details. I’ll be tagging workout entries as “workouts” so you can see them all at once (if you are really that interested) by going to:

More on Thursday…

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