Personal email stats

I keep a lot less personal email than I do work-related email. I archive mail at the end of each month and just got around to archieving my July mail today. I figured it was as good a time as any to cull some stats. Since February 7, 2004, I have received 4,253 meaningful pieces of email. By “meaningful”, I mean a message that is worth keeping, for either historical, personal or reference value. It does not include junk mail, or frivolous stuff that I delete after reading.

There are 880 days between today and February 7, 2004, which means, on average, I have received just about 5 meaningful email messages per day.

Now in addition to receiving personal email, I also send it. In the 880 days since February 7, 2004, I have sent 2,042 email messages. This amounts to just about 2-1/3 email message per day.

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