A near photographic memory for headlights?

When I got on the train this morning, I realized that I might have left my headlights on, and rather than worry about it all day, I figured I’d write about it and forget it until I get back to the train station this afternoon.

I have 2 things in my favor:

1. Muscle memory. It seems to me that I always try and turn my lights off, even when they are not on, as if the movement is some kind of conditioned muscle memory.

2. I always glance at my car once I get out, and it seems to me that I would have noticed the lights were still on, and I don’t remember noticing anything. Yet for some reason, the idea that I might have left them on got into my head somehow.

I have 1 thing against me:

1. I was listening to my iPod as I got out of the car and so I might not have heard the warning bell if, indeed, I had left my lights on.

Too late now to do anything about it. I’ll find out when I get back to the metro station this afternoon. But maybe now I can stop worrying about it until that time.

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