The Backlog

I got the June issue of F&SF (Fantasy and Science Fiction) yesterday and it just reminded me of how for behind I am on periodical reading. The one magazine that I always try to keep up on (and to which I have been subscribed the longest) is SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN. To illustrate just how far backlogged I’ve gotten, I’m seven months behind on SCIAM and have a stack of them on my reading table making me feel guilty each time I pass them. (This is a lie: I am nine months behind on SCIAM but too ashamed to admit it.)

Add to that the three science fiction magazines I get each month, which, with rare exceptions, I am hopelessly behind in, the AOPA Pilot magazine, SMITHSONIAN, and of course, THE NEW YORKER each week, and I feel like I’m drowing.

I’ve given up reading newspapers completely because I have no time for them.

How do people manage to keep up? Suggestions?

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