Correspondent’s Dinner

I’m a little behind in the news and finally got around to seeing Steven Colbert’s roast followed by the two Bush’s making their speech on CSPAN.

I have to say that, although the President and I disagree on just about everything (frankly, I think it’s because he never listens to my advice), we agree that it is sometimes very important to be able to laugh at yourself. I thought both speeches were hysterical, including the President’s parts, and politics aside, it took some guts to get up there and do that.

I still wish he would take my advice every once and a while, after all, when I wrote him after 9-11, he wrote back and his letter indicated that “I am interested in what the American people have to say.” Was I wrong to interpret that as me? Should I stop signing my letters, “Sincerely, Jamie T. Rubin, Advisor to the President”?

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