4 Margaritas

I just got back from El Cholo, a Mexican restaurant in Santa Monica having spent the last 4 hours or so there with friends from work. During that time, I consumed four Cadalac Margaritas, which is a record for me. I had a great deal of difficulty leaving the restuarant, in particular, walking in a straight line. Pam, however, made sure that I got back to my hotel safely.

In the previous paragraph, there must have been 20 typos because, as it turns out, I can’t type as well after consuming four Margaritas as I can without the four Margaritas, but then again, I might not have had as much fun. So, thanks go out to Danny, Eric, Pam and Rita for a great time tonight. For everone else, don’t worry, I am drinking lots of water at this point (and spilling only small portions of it) and I should be up at 6 AM and ready to go tomorrow as usual.

Any spelling or grammatical errors contained above are due soley to the fact that I have consumed four Margaritas and in no way should be interpretted any other way.

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