Catch up

It’s been a long day. First off, I really have to stop trying to stay up for these west coast Yankee games because while I may not feel tired in the morning, I start to drag in the afternoon and now, at nearly 8:30, I am totally wiped out.

I stayed late at work today because we had another softball team meeting so that people who couldn’t come yesterday could come today. We had more people today than yesterday, which was good. I think it’s going to be a fun season.

I figured I’d be out of the office by 5:30, but then I stopped by a co-workers office and we ended up talking for nearly an hour, so that it was close to 7 PM before I left the building. By the time I got to my metro station, it was 7:30 and that’s when I discovered that the cleaners to which I had taken my suit closed at 7 PM. I have to pick up my suit tomorrow.

Next, I headed up to Beltsville because that’s where the Petco is where I pick up Zeke’s food. He needed more dry food and I loaded up on canned food while I was there as well. By the time I got home, it was after 8 PM, and there you have it.

It’s Wednesday night an ordinarily, I would try and put in at least an hour or two into writing, but I am just beat. As much as I want to finish up the second draft of “Graveyard Shift”, I just don’t think I’d do a good job right now. I was also supposed to go running tonight, but forget that now. I’ll have to be content with reading more of I. Asimov until I doze off.

And whatever I do, avoid turning on FSN at 10 PM to watch the final game of the Yanks opening series in Oakland!

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