Transition to middle age, redux

Another indication of middle age is the ability to write the sentence:

Did you happen to attend Junior High Scool at Porter Junior High from 1985-1987–roughly twenty years ago?

On Sunday, evening, I was browsing online, and did some searches for some old friends with whom I’ve lost contact. Normally, I don’t come up with anything, but this time, in searching for an old friend from junior high, Noah, I came up with a website for iolo technologies, LLC, for which press releases indicated that someone of the same name for whom I was searching was the president.

Now, Noah is a pretty uncommon name. The Noah I knew was into computers twenty years ago (as was I). He lived in L.A. and the company is based in L.A. Finally, there was the name of the company. “Iolo” was the name of a character from the Ulitma series of role-playing games, something we both played. It had to be more than a coinicidence. So I sent an email to this Noah, asking the very middle-aged questions about.

And the next day, Noah responded, and it was in fact the same Noah I knew in junior high school!

How cool is that!

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