Breakfast in America

As luck would have it, I slept about 2-1/2 hours and was up, tossing and turning at 7:30 AM. I was stressed about going hiking, and going to breakfast, and decided that what I needed to do was take a shower. I still smelled like smoke from a few hours before, and while I felt a little bit better getting some sleep (and having a bizarre panorama of dreams), a shower would do the trick.

It did. I felt much better after a shower, and thereafter, crept quietly about the dark room, packing up my things, which would have to be moved to Carl and Poom’s room for my last night in Vegas. Andy woke up, complaining of Eric’s snoring, and decided to go to breakfast too, and when Eric found this out, he felt obligated as well. We all met for breakfast at 9:45 AM.

During breakfast, we recounted our adventures of the previous night. I didn’t eat to much, portions of a bagel and cream cheese was about it. Andy behaved as well, and did not suck down half a bottle of ketchup (already, that seemed like it happened an eternity ago). Norm, sneaky guy that he is, got the bill and paid for the meal.

After breakfast, Norm, Vicky and I said goodbye to Lisa, Eric, and Andy and got ready to head out to Red Rock canyon for a hike and geocaching.

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