New York, New York

After MGM, Eric, Andy, Lisa and I headed over to New York, New York because I wanted to ride the roller coaster that they had there. Lisa is not a roller coaster fan, and so she headed off to find a slot machine. Meanwhile, Eric, Andy and I followed the lines on the floor up through the arcade and into the line for the roller coaster.

We probably had to wait in line 20-25 minutes or so. It was mostly uninteresting. However, not too far in line behind us was a minor celebrity, someone I’d never heard of before named “Constantine” who was apparently a former contestant of that popular game show, “American Idol”.

Andy treated us to the ride, which was generous considering it was something like $12/person to ride the beast. But it was a pretty good ride. There were at least two good drops, both of which produced negative gees (not much–probably just over 1 negative gee). There was also a barrel roll that ended up as a reverse Immelmen. And toward the end of the ride, there was a 720 degree clockwise turn that probably produced about 2 Gs of force. We all survived and the picture that was taken at the end was pretty amusing. But not worth the money they were charging for it.