Off to Las Vegas

I skipped lunch today (and now I am hungry) in order to squeeze in a little extra work completing a requirements document. So I’ve been writing all day. I’m getting ready to head to Las Vegas shortly. My flight out of Dulles is at 7 PM, but I’m not really sure what traffic is like Friday afternoons so I’m leaving earlier than I normally would to be safe. If I get to the airport early, I can grab something to eat.

Looks like my upgrade went through to it’s First Class to LAX and then a short flight from LAX to Las Vegas. If everything is on time (as it was last night) I should be in Vegas just before midnight (local time) and at the hotel shortly thereafter.

I’ll probably be incommunicado for the rest of the day, but I am bringing my laptop with me and if there’s time, there will continue to be blog updates each day.