First draft of “Graveyard Shift” is in the can

I finished the first draft of “The Graveyard Shift” just a few minutes ago and at 16,500 words, it’s about the longest story that I’ve ever written. About 85 manuscript pages. It also needs a lot of work, especially in pacing, character development and the resolution to the story at the end. But all-in-all, I think it’s a pretty good story. It’ll probably take me a couple of weeks to get the thing proofread and get the second draft written. Then it’s off to F&SF (and if it’s rejected there, to Asimov’s). I’ll print out the manuscript tomorrow.

On deck is a mainstream yarn about a minor-league baseball player, his aunt, and a “lost” memory from his childhood. I have no idea where I’ll send the story, but I’m going to write it nonetheless. If nothing else it will be good practice. Short too, maybe 3000-4000 words. My working title for it is “Muscle Memory” and I’ll start it tomorrow or Thursday.