The Asylum Dream

So I had this dream last night that I was committed to an asylum (why anyone should do such a thing is beyond me). As it turned out, the institute into which I was committed was a Walmart.

I spent the entire dream wondering if I was crazy and also scampering on my hands and knees between the asiles, trying to ellude the various attendants.

Finally, I was caught by a rather strikingly beautiful woman–a creation of my dream, for she resembled no one that I actually know–who was very nice about it all, and explained, gently, that I’d gone mad, completely round the bend, really, and they were here to take care of me.

I tried thinking about what she said, in the dream, while she was leading me out in the Walmart parking lot (again, I have no idea why), but it was too much. I couldn’t think about it. For one thing, the woman was rather distracting and also I had lost my shoes and were wondering where they had gone. It was at about that point that I woke up.

I am the only one to have dreams about being committed? This is the first time this has ever happened to me. And why Walmart. I have never even been inside a Walmart in my life! (To be honest, in my dream, it looked a
lot like Target, but I was certain it was Walmart.)

I must say that a harrowing experience such as this will likely prevent me from going into Walmart in the future, no matter how many prices they slash.

And in a Philip K. Dick-ian kind of way, I have the eerie sensation that I am still trapped in that Walmart, but that I have fallen asleep, and this entire day at work in nothing but a demented dream.

About Jamie Todd Rubin

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