Snow has started

The snow that has threatened has finally started–but does not appear to be sticking yet. In part I think it’s because it’s not cold enough yet. I went outside to move the car to the end of the driveway (so that I have less to shovel) and it didn’t feel all that cold out. But I imagine that as it gets dark out and the temperatures drop, the snow will start accumulating.

Reports are still saying 6-10 inches tonight and an additional 1-3 inches tomorrow.

I called Amtrack Guest Rewards to cash in miles for an Acela ticket to NY on Friday and they are closed on the weekend, so I have to call on Monday. I decided to save a little money and take the Vamoose Bus home on Monday and made a reservation. It’s $25 for the bus ride, rather then the $170 or so it would cost on the Acela (of course, it takes 4-1/2 hours on the bus…)

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