Back to push-ups and sit-ups

I spoke to mom today and she mentioned that she had started up at a new gym and it got me thinking that I really need to get back into the swing of things. I’d been doing pretty well for a while, daily pushups and situps, but that seemed to wane away after I got back from Hawaii.

So tomorrow I’m starting again, same way as I did last time. I use a fairly simple formula: start with x pushups and y situps. Each thereafter, do x+1 pushups and y+1 situps. Continue x+1, y+1 until I can’t possibly go any higher. When I last left off, I was up to 30 pushups, twice a day (morning and evening). I’m too embarassed to mention how many sit-ups I could do. That was three months ago, so I’ll probably have to start lower.

I really should find a way to work in some cardio as well, but I’m so out of shape, cardio-wise, that it’s like climb out of painfully intense gravity well. I can barely think about running for 5 minutes, let alone 20 minutes three times a week. But if I don’t do it now, I’ll only regret it later.

Anyway, I’ll get started with the pushups and situps because I can do those in the comfort of my bedroom, first thing out of bed, like I was doing before, to get them over with. (Also, not a bad way to get the blood flowing at 6 AM.)

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