Sick day

I stayed home from work today because I got almost no sleep last night. It was one of those nights where I just tossed and turned and no matter what I tried to do, I couldn’t sleep. The harder I tried, the less it seemed I would sleep. I finally dozed off somewhere around 5:00 AM and my alarm was set to go off an hour later. I woke up, bleary-eyed at about 5:45 and decided to stay home from work in order to catch up on sleep. I would have been no good in the office anyway. I ended up sleeping in pretty late for me–until almost 10 AM.

Got the February SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN in the mail today and that made me feel guilty–as I am now ever further behind than I was before. I also got my gas bill, a record for the month–peaking at just over $240. But, my house is warm and comfortable so I really can’t complain.

I finished Foundation and Chaos early this afternoon and it was super. I forgot nearly everything about that book and it was a great read. I’m just about to start on the last of the FOUNDATION books, Foundation’s Triumph, by David Brin. The ending of that book makes reading the entire series–the 7 original books and the three later books–all worth while.

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