City of Riverdale Code Enforcement

Since late last year, I have been trying to get the annual rental property inspection scheduled for the house that I am renting. I’ve been playing “email” tag with the Code Enforcement people. About a week ago, I suggested that this afternoon at 4 PM would be a good time. I’d have to leave work a little early, but I’m willing to comprimise.

As of this morning, I hadn’t heard back from the Code Enforcement people, and so I called. I found out that 4 PM is no good. Either is 3 PM. Or weekends. In fact, the Code Enforcement office only does inspections Monday thru Friday from 10 AM – 2 PM.

Is it me, or is this somewhat inconvenient? Moreso since I am the only person in the house, I suppose, but still very inconvenient. What if I didn’t have the luxury of a job that allowed me to leave a few hours early, or work from home for half a day? I imagine there are budget constraints for this type of activity, but even that doesn’t make it any better.

Most frustrating of all is the fact that while I was willing to comprimise on the time of the inspection, I got the idea that the Code Enforcement people were ratcheted into their 10-2 M-F window with no leeway whatsoever.

In any event, I scheduled the inspection for Friday, January 20 at 1 PM. I’ll see about working from home that afternoon.

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