Story submissions

I just submitted my story “When I Kissed the Learned Astronomer” to Orson Scott Card’s online magazine, THE INTERGALACTIC MEDICINE SHOW. With SCIFICTION ceasing publication, this is only the third “online” market to which I have submitted stories. It is also my first submission of 2006, although it’s not a new story.

I also submitted an older story of mine, “The Last S.F. Writer” to STRANGE HORIZONS. It marks my third submission to that online magazine and my second submission of 2006.

I’m still working (slowly) on the new story. I’d planned on getting some writing done today, but it got away from me.

Off to bed now.

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Jamie Todd Rubin writes fiction and nonfiction for a variety of publications including Analog, Clarkesworld, The Daily Beast, 99U, Daily Science Fiction, Lightspeed, InterGalactic Medicine Show, and several anthologies. He was featured in Lifehacker’s How I Work series. He has been blogging since 2005. By day, he manages software projects and occasionally writes code. He lives in Arlington, Virginia with his wife and three children. Find him on Twitter at @jamietr.