Going Paperless: An Epilogue

In 2012 I began an experiment to see how much paper I could eliminate from my daily life. I was motivated by the elusive paperless office. Much discussed in the 1990s, I had yet to see an office that was truly paperless. The goal of my experiment was to see how far it was possible […]

Using Evernote to Write Product Reviews

here are generally four types of writing that I do: Fiction Nonfiction Blogging Product reviews For my fiction and nonfiction, I use Scrivener these days. For my blogging, I generally write the posts in Ulysses before publishing them. But for product reviews, I use Evernote. It seems to me that in my entire Going Paperless […]

Going Paperless 2.0: Searching in Evernote, Part 4 of 4: “Where?”

n last week’s post, I described how I take advantage of the native date searching capabilities in Evernote to quickly find notes and documents in a specific time frame, answering the “when?” question of searching. This week, in the final post for this mini-series, I take the “where?” question. Location services Evernote can automatically capture […]

Going Paperless 2.0: Searching in Evernote, Part 3 of 4: “When?”

n last week’s post, I described how I narrow down searches for specific types of things, like forms, statements, or receipts. This week I am going to address the “when?” question. How I search for things by date in Evernote. Notes on a timeline Every note that goes into Evernote gets a create date. The […]

Going Paperless 2.0: Searching in Evernote, Part 2 of 4: “What?”

n last week’s post, I described how I search Evernote for things related to a particular person. I demonstrated how I answer the “who”? question. In this week’s post I am going to address the “what?” question, how I find a particular thing in Evernote based on what it is. Types of notes in Evernote Searching […]

Going Paperless 2.0: Searching in Evernote, Part 1 of 4: “Who”?

get lots of questions about how I use Evernote. One of the more frequent questions I get is how to find things in Evernote. Over the years I have accumulated more than 12,000 notes in Evernote, and it is important that I can find any one of those notes quickly. Over the years, I have […]

No Going Paperless Post This Week – Digging Out!

have been busy digging out from the blizzard, and taking care of the kids while Kelly is under the weather, and haven’t had time to finish and post the latest Going Paperless post. And given that I have a pile of day job work, and the kids’ school still closed, and lots of cleanup still […]

Going Paperless 2.0: Using Evernote to Track Library Book Due Dates

ome uses of Evernote are more humble than others. I was reminded of this over the weekend when Evernote reminded me that the Little Man’s library book was due on Tuesday. I like keeping track of the books the kids check out from the library. I have my own list of books that I’ve read, […]

Going Paperless 2.0: Quickly Access Frequently-Used Information in Evernote

ne of the things that attracted me to Evernote back in 2010 was its slogan, “Remember Everything.” Although I am not a canonical GTDer, I’ve read David Allen’s book, and one important take away was getting stuff out of my head so that I didn’t have to remember it. When I started to use Evernote, I […]

Going Paperless 2.0: Tracking Accomplishments in Evernote

t the beginning of each year, one of the things that I find useful is to create a new “accomplishments” file. This a place that I can track my achievements and successes for the forthcoming year. A few years back I wrote about how I tracked my achievements in Evernote, but things evolve, and how […]

Sponsors and Transparency

he official reboot of my Going Paperless series kicked off yesterday. I often mention or recommend different types of software and hardware products in these posts. Pushing a product or service without disclosing how one is compensated for such promotion is murky business at best. I prefer to be completely transparent. To that end, here […]

Going Paperless 2.0: 4 Tips for Getting Started in 2016

Welcome to Going Paperless 2.0 I wanted to preface this post with a brief note on the newly rebooted Going Paperless series. I started writing the original series in April 2012, and continued the series through more than 120 posts, concluding it in December 2014. I ended it because I had other time commitments, and […]

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